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Size and Weight Limitations

Maximum dimensions for parts are generally 60” long x 40” deep x 18” wide. Maximum weight is 1000lbs.

Dropping off Parts

When dropping off parts certain information is required:

• Alloy

• Type of anodizing

• Any specifications/requirements.

For Type III (Hard Coat) providing surface area of the parts will help ensure the best coating thickness and turnaround time. Please include PO numbers and required pick up dates. If you do not have paperwork to accompany your parts, please complete a Anodizing Drop off Sheet available by the drop off table. We make every effort to keep your parts together and anything you can do to help us identify how many pieces, number of containers or a description of the parts is helpful.

Special Handling Required

Information referencing any special processing requirements is necessary at drop off. Examples may include special handling required, packaging requirements, masking, rack mark specifications etc. Please let us know on the paperwork accompanying your parts.

Turn Around Time

We understand timely turn-around is essential to your business and we will do everything we can to get your parts done ASAP. Typical turn around is 48 hours (please ask for details or with questions on what this means) but cannot be guaranteed. Requested completion time is helpful and we will make every effort to meet your schedule. Our shipping/receiving hours are from 7:00AM to 4:30 PM, but after hour service may be available.

Preparation of Metal

Adhesives from tape will cause issues with the anodizing process. We are usually not able to see this prior to anodizing. Please inform us if you need help removing this.

Different Types of Metals

Process outcomes depend greatly on alloy of the material, please contact us with questions. Please be sure to include this information accurately on paperwork. Further, any other type of metal (steel, brass, etc.) on or attached to parts during processing could result in damage to parts and poor anodizing results.


Type II- If thickness is not specified target thickness is .4 mils(clear) and .6 mils(dyed).


Type III- If thickness is not specified target thickness is 2 mils.


For parts with tolerance concerns please contact us to discuss your parameters.

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