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  • How does your pricing work?
    Our pricing structures can be complicated to those who aren't familiar with the industry. We charge a piece price determined by size, process, racking methods, difficulty of processing, packaging requirements, and other factors. We also have a minimum order charge for each process (with the exception of laser marking). Your invoice will be billed for whichever is greater between the minimum charge and piece price.
  • Do you accept credit cards?
    Yes, we can accept payments by credit or debit card, however, there is a 4% credit card processing fee that will be added to the total of your invoice. If you have questions or would like to arrange a card payment, contact Marla at
  • What is your lead time?
    Our lead time varies depending on process, quantity, and level of difficulty for each order. Most of the time, you can expect to have your parts completed within 2-4 weeks.
  • What alloys can be anodized?
    The aluminum alloy that works best for anodize is the 6000 series. Others such as 2000, 5000, and 7000 respond differently to our process but are good options. It is required for customers to provide material type for APA to process.
  • I need my parts back ASAP. Am I able to expedite my order?
    If our current lead time puts you past your due date we are able to expedite orders for an additional fee. Please contact us for specific details regardind expedite options.
  • How does your pick-up and delivery service work?
    We offer complimentary pick-up and delivery to most businesses in the Portland-Metro Area, including Vancouver, WA. This service is subject to availability. Time and day of the week are determined by your location in regards to our existing route. Poor driving conditions or other extenuating circumstances may delay or disrupt this service. Contact Kassi at to figure out if your business is eligible for this service.
  • How does shipping and receiving work for long-distance customer relationships?
    We accept orders shipped by your preferred method. Please include the necessary paperwork for identifying and processing your order. Although APA typically does not schedule freight, we can facilitate the process of freight pick-ups and deliveries.
  • How will I know when my order is complete?
    It is safe to assume that receipt of an emailed certification or invoice means your order is complete. A requested due date does not always serve as confirmation of completion. Please call or email our shipping and receiving team for order status before sending couriers or driving out to pick-up an order.
  • Are your processes RoHS Compliant?
    All processes offered at APA, with the exception of yellow chromate and certain passivation processes, are compliant with the directives outlined in RoHS, RoHS2, and REACH.
  • What information should be included on my Purchase Order?
    -Customer name -Shipping and billing address -PO number -Process and special instructions (Racking info, material type, surface area, packaging instructions)
  • Can you provide a Certificate of Conformance (CoC)?
    Certifcations of Conformance are available for an additional fee. Please notate the request for CoC on your purchase order as we will not provide a CoC unless prompted. Our processes certify to most military and aerospace specifications. If we cannot certify to your requested specification, we will notify you before processing the order.
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